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Britcoin System is supposedly going to make you millions of dollars every month. It is allegedly owned and operated by Jasper Boyle who is just a presenter and not the true owner of the scam operation. The name Jasper Boyle is a pseudo.

Since Britcoin System app is an auto-pilot trading robot, the presenter claims that it will make money without the intervention of the user. The strangest thing, however, is that Britcoin System app is free notwithstanding the claim that it can allegedly make thousands of dollars each month.

Do you believe these absurd claims? I certainly don’t believe in free money and especially in the get-rich-quick schemes of the internet today.

Britcoin System Scam – the review

It’s very easy to see where all this is going. You see, Britcoin System is meant to scam you. It is meant to take money away from your pocket rather than add you more money.

The site appears to be based out of Britain, UK but is targeting everyone around the world who cares to listen. So this scam operation is basically trying to ride on the popularity of Cryptocurrencies.

One thing they are forgetting to tell you is that prices for Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies are yet to stabilize after a downfall which was witnessed between January to April of 2018.

I have watched the pitch video on the Britcoin System app website and realized that the video is quite misleading. It is not telling us facts but rather lying that prices for Bitcoin have been rising steadily.

Now, the thing is this. We are yet to see this rise in prices. Currently, there are only hints and nobody can say for sure what will happen in this market. So this video is definitely false.

You can see a few people on the video who claim that they have been making money with this system. They are paid actors and not real users of Britcoin System app.

These people are actors that anyone can hire to lie on camera. This is the same case with the static photos which we see on this website. When you search those photos on Google, you will realize that they are stock photos and the success stories are made up.

They all operate in the same way. They will tell you that they have an automated trading app for Cryptocurrencies.

These stories of how lots of money were miraculously generated by the app are meant to talk you into depositing money with an unregulated broker.

In the end, you will lose everything because these app (like BitsystemX) have no real capabilities to make money.

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You should avoid this program like the plague. There is no good thing that can come out of a scam website.

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