BibitBot review. Scam or not

Since the topic of crypto currency and arbitrage is becoming more and more popular and in demand. We decided to conduct a review on a new, improved bot for arbitration on the crypto-exchange Bibitbot.

bibitbot review

So proceed, works on the Telegram platform, which is very convenient, is not it !? As everyone knows about the messenger policy – privilege and so on.

The essence of this service is that you receive notifications for the difference of any world currencies from any world exchanges, and also you do not need to understand the complicated and tedious settings for days, it should also be noted that this platform is a manual type that immediately solves the security problem. Agree that not everyone is entrusted to the bot, even if he is good and trusted and calmly dispose of your money. I see this as a really big plus of service.

The main goal of Bibitbot is to be your assistant in arbitration, since the service offers users with different levels of training in the field of crypto currency, a platform for easier and quicker earning.

It should be noted that the developers are based on the analysis of problems and failures of competitors and transform them into their service. Therefore, this platform is equipped with operating algorithms that help you make the right decision and make the right choice.

How does work Bibitbot?

You need to subscribe to any exchange and adjust the difference between the two exchanges, this will help the platform to send notifications exactly when you need for example you are interested in the difference in 2 times the currency A on two exchanges, when the currency, for example, TRX will reach this difference, Bibitbot will let you know about this. The service itself will monitor the difference in the coin rates for you.

Personal review of Bibitbot

The bot control panel allows users to change coins. For example, the user has the maximum number of connected currencies at the selected tariff. They chose 3 currencies, they receive a notification, but suddenly a KEY coin was issued, on which you can earn money. To connect it you do not need to pay anything extra, Bibitbot allows you to simply delete one of the available currencies and connect KEY, all, notifications about the difference in the exchange rate of this currency come in telegrams. And so an infinite number of times.

What is worth noting Bibitbot?

1) Allows free use and verification of functionality for 1 day.

You get access to the Telegram messenger, where within a day there are notifications for currency differences between exchanges.

2) Security when paying. Money is not transferred for payment, until you get access to the service

You pay through the payment system, which is the guarantor of your security and warns you against fraud.

Innovations Bibitbot

He does not sell or buy for you, he just notifies you, keeps in touch 24/7. And then you decide whether to make a deal or whether you should wait a little longer.



Available for all world exchanges and currencies.

Separately, I want to say about the support service, with the fact that this service is quite simple for many, there may be different types of questions, for example, the price for a subscription to Bibitbot, which, by the way, has 4 modes, so you will be able to choose the right one for you, support is always active and ready to help you and answer any questions.

In a word, this brilliant service that really helps to increase your income, due to its relevance.

bibitbot review

Bot is the best suited for beginners since it does not have complex and time-consuming settings and certain knowledge, which at the initial stage, the “beginner” may not have enough

Another issue that will undoubtedly interest experienced users is the price. The price for the subscription is quite low and the developers offer 4 modes so that you and we can pick up more suitable for us.

bibitbot review

Analysis against the background of the crypto community

And now it’s time to turn to the crypto community, or rather to forums and chat rooms on this topic.

As already mentioned above, this service is the newest, but despite this, on the most popular forums on the crypto theme, Bibitbot is actively discussed. Many users share their successful experience with this service and share their feedback and comments in various information sites. Since this is the guarantee of quality and reliability of the developers. We decided to analyze a lot of reviews and comments on Bibitbot. Many users are rather flatteringly respond and thank the developers. Despite the fact that the bot is really new.


bibitbot review

bibitbot review

bibitbot review

And also give a lot of advice to beginners. Since this service is simply ideal for startups, developers are very noticeable and pay much attention to this continent, namely these users, since they offer free training to arbitration.

Free education

You can get free training if you buy services at 0.2btc.

Since for beginners this is a direct gift, I advise this opportunity to take advantage.

As a matter of fact, arbitration training costs about $ 50,000, but the developers of Bibitbot take care of their users and are most interested in increasing their capital and therefore you can get training completely free. The training is not only free, but also qualified and necessary for infusion into the crypto community.

Now more in detail

The training will be built from 3 lessons, and it is worth noting the tasks that will be offered after each lesson. Developers note that the time you spent on training will be included in the tariff and therefore you do not have to spend precious days

1st lesson

You will be provided with a package of files (a document in the format Word \ PDF + video), where the professionals of their business will tell the basics, introduce users into the course, you will be taught to understand the stock exchange and the crypto currency, get acquainted with a variety of coins and teach the basic steps to receive initial earnings, the peculiarities of arbitrage on stock exchanges and much much more.

2nd lesson

Will be dedicated to the main work on the exchanges, while our speakers will explain the subtleties of arbitration, which you can learn only through our training, for example, the complexity of storing coins, the complexity of the commission, etc.

3 lesson

It is based just on Bibitbot itself. You will be taught how to take full advantage of the bot’s capabilities and thereby increase your earnings. Will not pass our attention to our speakers and settings Bibitbot, which you can tailor to your own preferences. The developers promise us full personalization when working with Bibitbot.

Will not you agree ?!

But also a lot of approving comments, posts are coming from the professionals of their business, as Bibitbot entices them with its transparency and openness to the world community and of course the opportunity to work with world exchanges and coins !!! That none of the competitors can offer them.

Also note the rather low cost and many discounts for users.

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